CCTV Pipe & Drain Inspections

Drain blockages, Pipe Inspections, Tree Roots, Broken Sewer Pipes…

Using the latest CCTV drain pipe inspection cameras and locating equipment we can determine what has caused the pipe blockage.

CCTV drain and pipe inspections frecks plumbing and gas
blocked-drain-service in Rockingham, Baldivis, Kwinana WA

If there is any damage to pipework, the location and depth of the damaged areas is recorded. Recorded CCTV camera videos and photos can be emailed to clients.

Pipe repair and replacement can be carried out if needed. Frecks Plumbing & Gas has a 1.6 tonne excavator for all your drainage and excavation work.

Frecks Plumbing and Gas - Excavator for digging trenches, replacing water pipes and drainage

Do you have a blocked drain, toilet or pipe?

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